Teacher Training

At SVARA we seek to raise up queer and radical players—bold and courageous teachers, transformers, and transmitters of Jewish tradition. SVARA Teacher Training seeks to train experienced educators, rabbis, and rabbinical students who are sensitive to the radical, bold, and creative nature of the Jewish tradition and are able to translate this thoughtfully and skillfully to learners. SVARA-trained teachers will be confident and competent in creating and running SVARA-method bet midrash programs. SVARA-trained teachers will emerge with a new lens through which to view the Talmud. They will understand that Judaism’s approach to creating fully realized human beings requires them to be flexible in the face of rapid change. They will question and challenge the status quo. They will be able to recognize the centrality of moral intuition (svara) in the past and future development of the Jewish tradition, see themselves and their students as active “players” in the evolution of the Jewish tradition, and embrace the potential of upending the traditional educational power dynamic, shifting the focal point from teacher, to learner.

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